Top 5 News Stories of the Week

1.       Apple

Despite the recent fall in Apple (APPL) stock and the report that Apple’s gross margin fell 37% in its fiscal fourth quarter, analysts still recommend to BUY APPL. Some top analysts are more eager to recommend BUY than others, so find out why on the TipRanks blog

2.       Facebook

Joining Facebook (FB) is becoming less of a fad, but despite a decline in new unique daily visitors, Facebook is thriving on its advertisement plans and boredom. That’s right, boredom. Instead of twiddling their thumbs, people are turning to Facebook to pass the time, and analysts only predict good things. Many 4 and 5 star ranked analysts recommend BUY or HOLD FB, including an analyst with at 65% success rate of recommended stocks. 

3.       Lululemon

With the hiring of Tara Poseley from Kmart as their new Chief Product Officer, LuLulemon (LULU) hopes that people will put the see-through pants incident behind them. At least one analyst, Dave Weiner from Deutsche Bank, believes in Lululemon’s potential and recommends to BUY LULU. But he is ranked 1128 out of 2246 analysts, so check out his past recommendation history before you make up your own mind about this stretchy pants company.

4.       Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences (GILD), known as the leader in HIV drugs, has recently had some promising trials surrounding their hepatitis C drugs. Their 3rd quarter earnings rose 17% and their latest hepatitis C drug was just approved by the FDA. Top ranked analyst Robyn Karnauskas recommends BUY GILD with a $77 price target. She has a 2.2% average return over S&P-500 and is ranked 439 out of 2246 analysts.

5.       Michael Kors

Even though consumers have not been rushing out the door to purchase all of the latest fashion trends, designer Michael Kors (KORS) has managed to come out on top. With increased dollar sales and expansion on the horizon, analysts confidently recommend BUY or HOLD KORS, including the number 5 ranked analyst out of 2246 analysts. Even if stilettos aren’t your style, Michael Kors might be just the right fit.