3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks You Need On Your Investing Radar

Top analysts just can’t get enough of these three hot stocks.

TipRanks’ nifty Trending Stocks tool enables you to quickly pinpoint the best-rated stocks out there. This can be over the last 72 hours, 1 week or 1 month. Here we used a 1-month period and looked for the most compelling stocks from all sectors, with a market cap above $5 billion. These three stocks have all received multiple Buy ratings from analysts over the last few days. Plus the upside potential from current levels looks promising, as we can see below:

Why are analysts so bullish? Let’s take a closer look at these three stocks now.

1. Alnylam Pharma (NASDAQ:ALNY)

Welcome to the best-rated trending stock of the last 30 days. Nine analysts have published Buy ratings on Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in the last week. That’s with an average price target of $167.75- indicating over 80% upside potential.

Alnylam Pharma is developing novel RNAi-based therapies to treat a wide range of debilitating diseases. This includes TTR amyloid disease- a rare and potentially fatal protein buildup.

Five-star Madhu Kumar (Profile & Recommendations) has just reiterated his ALNY Buy rating, $210 price target, and Alnylam’s status as an Out-the-Gate 2018 stock pick. He recommends the stock ahead of crunch-date August 11. This is when the FDA will either approve or reject ALNY’s lead asset Onpattro.

“We continue to have conviction that ALNY’s transthyretin (TTR) RNAi franchise should dominate the landscape of hereditary TTR amyloidosis (hATTR), with the August 11, 2018, PDUFA date for lead asset Onpattro potentially serving as a positive catalyst for ALNY shares.”

Here we can see the stock’s outlook from only best-performing analysts:

View ALNY Price Target & Analyst Rating Details

2. Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI)

Game on! So says top Jefferies analyst Timothy O’Shea (Profile & Recommendations). He has just selected Activision Blizzard as his No. 1 Franchise Pick with a bullish $86 price target (22% upside potential).

And now is the perfect time to jump in: “With ATVI down 7% since July 25, we see a buying opportunity given the numerous major catalysts coming in 2H and into 2019.”

Notably, Call of Duty (Oct 12) is expected to again be the No. 1 best-selling title globally. In addition to expansions for World of WarcraftHearthstone, and Destiny, the second half will feature a major mobile game from King (potentially a new Candy Crush).

O’Shea concludes “ATVI remains a Franchise Pick given our expectation for nice leverage as the new mobile game and ad businesses scale.”

Bear in mind that this “Strong Buy” stock has received only Buy ratings from top analysts. This is with an $83.8 price target (19% upside potential).

View ATVI Price Target & Analyst Rating Details

3. Lam Research (NASDAQ:LRCX)

B.Riley FBR analyst Craig Ellis (Profile & Recommendations) is one of the Top 10 analysts ranked by TipRanks. This is for his sharp stock picking ability. And he is putting his weight behind semiconductor equipment stock Lam Research Corp.

Ellis just reiterated his LRCX Buy rating with a $265 price target (41% upside potential). He is one of nine analysts who have published recent Buy ratings on the ‘Strong Buy’ stock.

The company is experiencing temporary demand weakness, but sequential growth is set to return in the December quarter.

“We think that end markets remain relatively healthy overall and that demand should rebound nicely in 2019,” comments KeyBanc’s Weston Twigg (Profile & Recommendations). “In our view, new DRAM capacity is needed in both 2018 and 2019 for the industry to achieve 20% bit growth.” He has a $261 price target on the stock (39% upside potential).

Overall in the last three months only one analyst has published a Hold rating on LRCX. This is vs 12 Buy ratings.

View LRCX Price Target & Analyst Rating Details

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