Follow the 25 Best Performing Hedge Fund Managers with TipRanks

Whilst investing in hedge funds is out of reach for most investors, with TipRanks you can follow the activities of the Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers and benefit from their expertise.

Hedge fund managers are responsible for managing billions of dollars on behalf of their clients and employ aggressive strategies to chase high returns, whether markets are rising or falling.

For the ultra-wealthy, hedge funds are an attractive investment vehicle, and those that manage them are considered the ‘gurus’ of the financial world.  Here’s how you can follow the activities of the hedge fund managers with the best returns.

The Top 25 Hedge Managers

TipRanks tracks only the leading hedge funds. It measures and ranks the performance of over 200 hedge fund managers based on the information they submit to the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) quarterly.

The top hedge funds are those that generate the highest return based on their stock portfolio, including:

Portfolio value – total assets under management

Portfolio gain– since 2013

Sharpe ratio – which measures portfolio return, compared to its risk

Here’s an overview of the current top 5 hedge fund managers.

Hedge Fund Manager Overview

You can see a snapshot of each of the Top 25 hedge fund managers. You can quickly determine their portfolio value and the average return over 3 years annualized.

Want to follow a hedge fund manager’s activities? Just hit the follow button.

Click on “See Full Profile” to get a detailed breakdown of the portfolio’s performance and recent activity.

See a Full Hedge Fund Profile

The first thing you see on the profile page is the portfolio gain since June 2013, as well as the portfolio’s Sharpe Ratio. In this case, the Sharp Ratio is well ahead of the average for hedge funds.

Portfolio Value

Next, you see the value of the portfolio, that is the total assets under management as reported to the SEC, and see how this compares to other hedge funds.

Average Return

The default average return is set at 3 years annualized. You can change this to see returns since the last filing and over the last 12 months by clicking on the radio buttons.

Portfolio Breakdown by Sector

See a breakdown of the Hedge Fund’s portfolio by sector.

Measured Performance

Compare the hedge fund’s performance to the average hedge fund portfolio and the S&P 500 since 2012. In this case, the hedge fund is generating far higher returns than either.

Portfolio Activity

You can see the recent portfolio activity. Click on the blue arrow for more details about any stock. Get real-time notifications from the hedge fund managers of your choice by clicking on Follow.  

Now, Give it a Try!

Put the most successful hedge fund managers to work for you! Go to TipRanks Top 25 Hedge Fund managers and follow your favorites.

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