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It’s been quite the decade for investors, one that will be remembered for sustained stock market growth.

Yet, while banks, hedge funds, high end quant traders and Wall Street firms leveraged technology through expensive tools to maximize returns, individual investors were bombarded with more opinions, recommendations, financial news and conflicts of interest than ever before.

To help investors cut through the noise, TipRanks has measured and ranked the performance of 6,000 Wall Street analysts over the past decade and enables you to follow the best performing 25, including overall, per sector, and according to different benchmarks. Here’s how it works.

The Top 25 Wall Street Analysts of the Past 10 Years

See an overview of the Top 25 Wall Street Analysts covering all sectors. Analysts are ranked according to:

Success rate – per transaction, over the period of one year

Average return – of all transactions, over the period of one year

Statistical significance – as a higher number of recommendations ensures consistency, experts with more recommendations will be scored higher

All 5-star analysts have high success rates, average returns and transaction count. The live list is continuously updated.

Filter Analysts According to Your Strategy

You can filter analysts according to 3 options:

– Sector
– Investment duration
– Benchmarks


Choose the best performing 25 analysts from the following eight sectors:

– Services
– Industrial Goods
– Consumer Goods
– Utilities
– Healthcare
– Basic Materials
– Technology
– Financial

As technology dominates the All Sectors list, selecting any other sector will show you significantly different results. Here’s a quick look at the top 5 analysts covering healthcare. If you go to the website to see the list, select the healthcare sector to see the list.

Investment duration

TipRanks automatically measures stock performance for a period of one year, starting from the recommendation date.

If you are interested in short-term opportunities, or longer-term ones, you can easily adjust investment duration, to see which analysts perform best for each of the following time frames:

– 1 month
– 3 months
– 1 year
– 2 years


You can easily compare analysts to the S&P 500 or their sector.

Investor Overview

You can see a snapshot of each of the Top 25 analysts. Richard Davis from Canaccord Genuity is ranked in first place for investments with a duration of 2 years.

Very quickly you can determine he has a success rate of 89% and average returns of 89.1% over a 2-year period.

Want to follow Richard? Just hit the follow button.

To see Richard’s current stock coverage, just go to his full profile.

Now Give it a Try!

If you are looking for investment recommendations from sources you can trust, TipRanks’ Top 25 Wall Street Analysts tool is reliable and easy to use.

We invite you to try it out and of course send us your feedback.

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