Nasdaq Adds New Crowd Insights Feature to Smart Portfolio

A groundbreaking new crowd insights feature has been released for the Nasdaq Smart Portfolio platform, launched together with TipRanks last September. Investors can now compare their portfolios to a portfolio constructed out of the holdings of the most profitable Nasdaq investors harnessing the wisdom of the crowd.

Now investors who track their holdings on the Smart Portfolio can compare the holdings to the average portfolio (based on 185,000 portfolios) and also to similar investors who outperform them over the last 12 months. This TipRanks-powered tool delivers investing insights from investors who were able to consistently outperform the market.

Portfolio Dividend & Risk- Which holdings are the most effective at reducing risk? Compare your portfolio’s Beta to that of the Best Performing Portfolio on Nasdaq and evaluate whether your portfolio risk is higher or lower than other investors on the Nasdaq platform. You can also check out which are the top dividend yielders in the Best Performing Nasdaq Portfolio to find viable options for boosting your portfolio dividend yield.

Top Stocks by Sector- We also give you the breakdown of stock holdings in the best-portfolios by sector so you can select the sector most relevant to your stocks. If we select the Industrial Goods sector, for example, we can immediately see that General Electric (GE) and Boeing (BA) are the two stocks most likely to be found in the top portfolios.

See how your portfolio shapes up now.

How does your portfolio compare in asset allocation and stock allocation? Is your portfolio more risky than the best-performing portfolios? Is your dividend yield higher or lower? Find out all this and more on the Crowd Insights page- just one of a suite of tools available on the Smart Portfolio platform.

Harriet Lefton
Harriet Lefton, originally from the UK, began her career as a journalist specialising in the niche world of metal markets. She graduated from the University of Cambridge before becoming a qualified UK lawyer. Now she has turned her attention to the world of financial blogging, covering US stocks, analysts and all manner of things finance-related.

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