See How Top Wall Street Analysts Rate Your Holdings with the TipRanks Smart Portfolio

How can you easily assess all the holdings in your portfolio?  With TipRanks Smart Portfolio you can get a comprehensive overview of all the stocks you own and easily see how they are performing.

The Holdings section of the TipRanks Smart Portfolio shows you exactly how the stocks you invest in are performing. It is unique as it utilizes TipRanks market datasets.  For example, it shows you news sentiment, analyst consensus, and hedge fund signal for stocks you own, alongside other essential data.

You can connect your existing portfolio from a number of brokers and get a holdings analysis. You can easily follow the stocks of your choice for a virtual portfolio experience, and manage multiple portfolios.

In this second part of our series on how you can use Smart Portfolio to easily manage and optimize your investments, we’re taking a deep dive into the Holdings section. Here’s how it works.

Holdings Overview

You can examine your holdings in any individual portfolio, or get a summary of all of your portfolios.

The first thing you see is the value of your holdings including stocks, funds, or ETFs, in-real time. Next you see your daily return.

If you have cash in your broker, you will see the amount in Cash Value when you sync your account. If you want to manually add cash, just click on the blue pen icon and insert the amount and it will be added to your total holdings.

Holdings Analysis

You can choose to look at a basic or detailed overview of your holdings, in real-time.

Basic Overview

The basic overview displays the daily price change, holding value, analyst consensus, analyst price target, and price gain since purchase. You can also see alerts, for example, if an analyst has rated a stock. You can choose to focus on all analysts or only the best performers. 

The default order the stocks appear is according to their name. Like all TipRanks tables, you can easily reorder the results by clicking on the header name you wish to order by. Here’s what the basic overview looks like.

Basic Overview with More Details

When you click on any row in the basic overview, you can see more a lot more details about the stock.


There is a price chart with a default of 1 year which you can easily adjust to see different time frames ranging between 5 days and 5 years. This section also breaks down basic price details such as number of shares, purchase price, date added, gain since added, price when added, and percentage of portfolio.

Below this price information, you can see some of TipRanks’ unique market data such as hedge fund signal, insider signal, blogger consensus as well as other useful details including estimated dividend, market cap, and more. Here’s how it appears:

Detailed Overview

The detailed overview shows additional information on your stock picks, including more TipRanks unique data, such as news sentiment and hedge fund signal, as well as estimated dividend yield in a single row. It enables you to switch email alerts on or off for each stock.

Here is a list of all the data in the detailed table. Note, that it shows you both all analyst and best analyst consensus, so you can easily see how they compare.

Price in real-time, as well as the day’s gain or loss as an amount and percentage

No. of shares you can update this manually in each portfolio

Holding value where you have number of shares entered

Percentage of portfolio again, if the number of shares is entered

News sentiment whether it is Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral

Analyst consensus for all analysts

Analyst price target for all analysts

Best analyst consensus

Hedge fund consensus based on hedge fund activity

52-week price range

Estimated dividend yield

The table looks like this, swipe the screen in the tool to see any hidden columns.

Additional Features

It doesn’t end here! Below the table you can add stocks to your portfolio and download the table to Excel. You also have the option to adjust the metrics that appear in the table. Here’s a full range of available metrics.

Portfolio News and Calendar

There are two additional tabs in the Holdings section of Smart Portfolio, one with news about your holdings, the other with a holdings calendar.

Portfolio News

The news tab has 4 subsections:

  1. All Portfolio News – a list of all news stories from major trustworthy sources about each individual stock, organized by date.
  2. News Analysis – real-time news analysis based on the same data and algorithms that the biggest hedge funds in the world license from TipRanks, presented in a visualized and simplified way (see the example below)
  3. Bullish News – only good news about each of your portfolio holdings
  4. Bearish News – all the bad news about each of your portfolio holdings

Portfolio Calendar

The calendar keeps you up to date with events about the holdings in your portfolios such as earnings releases and ex-dividend dates.

How to Find Smart Portfolio Holdings

You can reach the Holdings section of Smart Portfolio from the menu at the top of TipRanks, or on the Smart Portfolio menu on the left of the screen when you are in the tool. You can see both here.

Now, Give it a Try!

The Holdings section of Smart Portfolio makes it easy to assess your holdings. It provides comprehensive information about each stock, presented in a visualized and simplified way. In addition to the detailed Holding section, Smart Portfolio gives you a full portfolio analysis to help you optimize returns. It even enables you to compare your portfolio to other investors, including top performers, so you can learn from the wisdom of the crowd.

If you haven’t already done so, is easy to open a Smart Portfolio, read how here.

Try the TipRanks Smart Portfolio>>

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