Streaming War Heats Up! Here are the 5 Best-Performing Streaming Services

TipRanks’ website traffic screener tracks changes in consumer behavior and helps gauge the impact of those changes on a company’s financials and stock price. Furthermore, the tool tracks all of a company’s domains and subdomains (which are sections of the company’s main website and relevant to its financials), which is unique to TipRanks.

Using this website traffic tool, let’s look at the 5 most-visited streaming websites in June. Learn how Website Traffic can help you research your favorite stocks.

This is important as looking at websites that scored the most visits compared to the prior year could be a solid starting point to identify top businesses that are outgrowing others.

Top 5 Most-Visited Websites in June 2022


Rank: #5
Year-over-year Traffic Growth: 44.11%
Parent Company: Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ: WBD)

HBO Max is a subscription-based, video-on-demand service owned by Warner Bros Discovery. It bundles premium content from HBO’s (Home Box Office) library and Warner Bros. The website traffic to hbomax.com gained 44.11% year-over-year in June. Meanwhile, website traffic has increased by 149.69% year-to-date.


Rank: #4
Year-over-year Traffic Growth: 50.88%
Parent Company: fuboTV Inc (NYSE: FUBO)

FuboTV is a leading live TV streaming platform primarily focused on sports, news, and entertainment. It mostly earns revenue from subscriptions and the sale of advertisements. Per the website traffic tool, the number of visits to fubotv.com was up 50.88% year-over-year in June. Moreover, traffic has increased 55.19% this year compared to the previous year.


Rank: #3
Year-over-year Traffic Growth: 97.38%
Parent Company: Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA)

Peacock is a premium DTC (direct-to-consumer) streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. It features Peacock originals, current NBC and Telemundo shows, live sports, late-night comedy, and movies. The website traffic to peacocktv.com gained 97.38% year-over-year in June. Meanwhile, website traffic has increased by 215.94% year-to-date.


Rank: #2
Year-over-year Traffic Growth: 99.64%
Parent Company: Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ: WBD)

Discovery+ is a streaming platform owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. The Discovery+ has expanded internationally and now includes original series and documentaries. Discovery+ service is available with ads or on an ad-free tier. This provides the company with dual revenue streams. According to TipRanks’ website traffic tool, the number of visits to discoveryplus.com was up 99.64% year-over-year in June 2022. Moreover, traffic has increased by 146.45% year-to-date.


Rank: #1
Year-over-year Traffic Growth: 117.83%
Parent Company: Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Hulu is a subscription-based DTC video streaming service owned by Walt Disney. It offers content that is either internally produced, commissioned, or licensed. Hulu derives revenue from subscription fees and advertising sales. Per the website traffic tool, the number of visits to hulu.com was up 117.83% year-over-year in June. Moreover, traffic has increased 61.19% this year compared to the previous year.

Bottom Line 

Streaming service providers face fierce competition. With the market saturating in the U.S., the fight to get a greater share of consumers’ wallets is likely to go up. Thus, it is prudent to keep a tab on the web visit trends and not to wait for their earnings report to gain insights into their current performances.

Using TipRanks’ stock comparison tool, here is the summary of how the parent companies of these streaming service providers stack up on TipRanks’ other valuable datasets, such as analysts’ recommendations and insider and hedge fund signals.

Continue to watch this space for updated website visit data for streaming companies.

Learn how website traffic can help you research your favorite stocks.


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