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TipRanks is continuously updating its functionality to ensure that investors have the very latest tools with which to optimize their returns. The latest addition to the platform: a new Individual Investor Sentiment page based on the wisdom of the crowd. The new page generates powerful insights based on thousands of investor portfolios. It reveals portfolio insights from multiple investor groups and utilizes this wisdom to generate new investing ideas. You can find the new page via the sidebar on any one of the stock pages.

Individual investor sentiment on over 5,000 stocks

With the new Investor Sentiment feature you can analyze and optimize your stocks more effectively than ever before. Are investors positive or negative on your stock selection? Discover the portfolio percentage individual investors allocate, on average, to any one of over 5,000 stocks in TipRanks’ coverage universe.

Compare your stock selection to the top 10% of TipRanks portfolios that generate the highest return for the lowest risk. You can do this by selecting the best-performing investor option to screen out investors who under-perform. For a more in-depth picture, note whether investor and top investor sentiment is becoming increasingly positive or negative on a certain stock. For example, in the screenshot below, we can see that investors are increasing their Micron exposure over the last week and the last month.

Who invests better- millennials or baby boomers?

Do investors get wiser as they get older or are the younger generations stealing the investing spotlight? Or perhaps age has no influence on investing and performance depends more on the individual themselves than the year of their birth?

Now that we have gained thousands of active portfolios in TipRanks (and our Nasdaq Smart Portfolio), we can not only track which stocks investors are buying and selling but also track the investors themselves and how well they perform. We wanted to extract new insights from this valuable data and show how age and investing interact.

Here we include both the breakdown of investors holding a stock, as well as the average performance of that age group. Interestingly, we can see that the over 55s boast the highest monthly return and dividend payout, as well as the lowest beta (risk). They are also increasing their MU holdings much more rapidly than their fellow investors under 55 or under 35:

Find fresh investing inspiration from the crowd

While the above section provides deeper analysis into specific stocks, we are also introducing a further two new features to help you expand your portfolio picks. Pinpointing compelling new stock ideas can be a struggle. However, this new feature has you covered with relevant stock suggestions from our extensive coverage universe. Let’s take a closer look now:

Top stocks by sector

This section reveals stocks with the most positive individual investor sentiment per sector. Here for example we are looking at MU from the consumer goods sector. So this tool automatically extracts the following stocks as having the most bullish sentiment in the consumer goods sector:

Note that clicking on the ENTG ticker takes us to the stock analysis page for Entegris. TipRanks’ proprietary algorithms scan the web for the latest analyst ratings on each stock. On semiconductor stock ENTG, for example, Seaport Global has just initiated coverage with a buy rating and a $37 price target (20% upside potential).

Which stocks are top investors buying?

Which similar stocks are top Micron investors also snapping up? We can flick between four types of investors to analyze the most popular stocks by age/ performance. Selecting best-performing investors reveals that top investors who like MU are also buying popular stocks AAPL, AMZN and BABA . AMZN, for example, makes up almost 19% of the portfolio of an investor who buys Micron. Plus we can quickly assess the stock’s price over the last three months via the 3M Behavior column.

See how crowd wisdom can influence your investing strategy here 

We welcome your feedback! Please let us know what you think of the new tool with this short survey.

Harriet Lefton
Harriet Lefton, originally from the UK, began her career as a journalist specialising in the niche world of metal markets. She graduated from the University of Cambridge before becoming a qualified UK lawyer. Now she has turned her attention to the world of financial blogging, covering US stocks, analysts and all manner of things finance-related.

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