TipRanks Just Got Better: New My Performance Feature Released

TipRanks has just released an exciting new analysis feature to the My Performance page. The page, part of the award-winning Smart Portfolio platform, lets you compare your investing performance to hundreds of thousands of other investors. TipRanks is continuously updating its functionality to ensure that investors have the very latest tools with which to optimize their returns.

Now the new Portfolio Analysis feature enables you to analyze and optimize your portfolio more effectively than ever before. You can draw fresh insights from the data regarding your portfolio performance, allocation and volatility. By comparing these data points to the market, or even to the best-performing TipRanks investors, you may decide to adjust your investment strategy going forward.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look:

My Performance

Pick the benchmarks to reveal how your portfolio (displayed by the orange bars) stacks up in comparison against the 1) the average portfolio 2) the best-performing TipRanks portfolios or 3) the S&P 500. Check out in the screenshot below how I underperformed the average portfolio in January 2017, but reversed this with a very strong performance in February.

For a more in-depth picture, see the figures underneath which show the exact breakdown per month versus the different datasets. We can see how the best-performing TipRanks portfolios recorded an impressive gain in October of 6.42%, during which time the S&P 500 rose by just 1.91%.

My Allocation

You now have a clear overview of your company and asset allocation, as well as the sector allocation. For example, here I can quickly see how my portfolio is divided between ETFs and equity, while Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Bluebird Bio (NASDAQ:BLUE) are by far and away this portfolio’s two most significant holdings.

My Volatility

How risky is your portfolio? This nifty new tool enables you to see how your portfolio risk (beta) measures up. Most investment professionals agree that one tactic in reducing risk is to better diversify your assets. Your risk profile here could indicate whether you should consider further diversifying your portfolio holdings. At 1.29, my portfolio risk comes slightly above average- and using the Most Volatile stocks list on the side I can see exactly which stocks are the most responsible. Here it’s the ETF ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology (BIB) with a very high Beta of 2.70- bearing this in mind I could choose to reduce my exposure if I decide the gains are not worth the risk.

Brand New

Two valuable additions to the sidebar include Portfolio Gain and Portfolio Details. Previously you could only see your Best Trade. For example- mine is Bluebird Bio which has shot up an incredible 163% since I opened the position on January 4. Now you can also assess how actively you trade, your portfolio dividend and your portfolio gain calculated over three different time periods. Note that your risk profile is set according to the questionnaire on setting up your portfolio, rather than the actual stocks you hold.

As before, all your recent stock activity is displayed on the page- including the gain and loss of each stock since you added it to your portfolio. To adjust your stocks simply go to the My Holdings page where you can add or remove stocks. Clicking on a blue stock ticker on any one of these pages reveals how financial experts are rating your stock right now.

Check out your My Performance page on TipRanks now

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