TipRanks Just Got Better: New Top Investor Feature

TipRanks is continuously updating its functionality to ensure that investors have the very latest tools with which to optimize their returns. Our goal has always been to democratize Wall Street by being the first to measure and rank analysts based on their actual performance- and by empowering our users to harness the wisdom of the crowd. If there are better investors out there, why not listen to them?

The latest addition to the platform: a Top Individual Investor page that allows you to see which investors (who have agreed to make their portfolio public) were able to constantly outperform the markets. You can find this page via the Top Experts drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the TipRanks homepage.

The new feature generates powerful insights based on over 75,000 investors that linked their portfolios to their broker account. Investors are ranked based on their success rate and average return per transaction. Note that only public portfolios active in the last six months were included in the ranking system.

The result: You can take investing inspiration and ideas from top-performing investors- who have a proven track record of success. See which stocks expert investors are buying and selling at any given time, and how their portfolios are balanced. Are the best portfolios high risk or low risk? How many stocks does a top portfolio hold? You can discover this and more on the new page. And the best part is that you can even follow specific investors to receive real-time updates on their latest portfolio activity.

Let’s take a closer look now at one of the best-performing portfolios, belonging to five-star investor Paul Fisher:

As you can see, this investor has delivered an astonishing year-to-date return of 62%. That’s alongside a very impressive success rate of 76% and average return per transaction of 35%. So what’s the secret of his success? Fisher explains “This is my tech-heavy portfolio. I work in the space, and invest long, based on my view of the evolving ecosystem I work in.”

Portfolio Detail

Indeed we can turn to the Portfolio Detail tab to see how this philosophy is reflected in his stock allocation:

And we can see here that online ad marketplace Trade Desk Inc (TTD) makes up the vast majority of his portfolio (85%). Trade Desk shares are up five-fold from early 2018. “Given ongoing robust fundamentals that consistently top our “Crucial Combo” (revenue growth + profitability) spectrum, we believe this outperformance has been justified” writes RBC Capital’s Mark Mahaney.

Meanwhile Shopify (SHOP) has made a whopping 160% gain since Fisher opened the position in November 16, 2016. For further insights into the stocks you can scroll down to discover the analyst consensus and price target for each holding.

This shows us that Alibaba (BABA) is currently the stock with the most bullish outlook according to the Street. That’s with a Strong Buy analyst consensus and 28% upside potential (based on all the analyst ratings over the last three months). In contrast, TTD and SHOP both have an average analyst price target below the current share price- indicating that the stocks may be vulnerable to a pullback. You can click on the ticker of each stock to see how the analyst ratings breakdown.

Recent Activity

Last but not least, the Recent Activity tab provides further useful information, including the transaction date for each holding, and the execution price. Here, for example, we can discover that Fisher’s most recent transaction was to open a new position in Slack Technologies (WORK). He snapped up the newly-public communications platform for $37.50 on July 1. However since this date the stock has performed poorly- dropping 16.5%.

If we click on the WORK ticker we can see that the stock has a Moderate Buy analyst consensus, and an average analyst price target of $40 (26% upside potential). “We are initiating coverage of WORK at Overweight based on the potential to become an automation platform for the middle-office where revenue could eclipse $3B within five years and $10B within ten years” writes KeyBanc analyst Brent Bracelin. This analyst is in the Top 5 of all analysts tracked by TipRanks. So watch this space.

Track the best-performing portfolios. Visit the Top Individual Investors page now.

Harriet Lefton
Harriet Lefton, originally from the UK, began her career as a journalist specialising in the niche world of metal markets. She graduated from the University of Cambridge before becoming a qualified UK lawyer. Now she has turned her attention to the world of financial blogging, covering US stocks, analysts and all manner of things finance-related.

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