TipRanks Releases New Education Center

You asked. We developed.

In the last half year, we have seen a huge growth in emails to our Support Center about our products and how they work. We decided to handle this demand in the most efficient and effective way possible for our users. A technical solution was found- and we are proud to launch TipRanks’ new Education Center. You can use the Education Center homepage to dive into the full range of TipRanks’ features and make the most of all the unique investing insights TipRanks has to offer. Our technology enables investors to sharpen their investing strategy and make better, data-driven investment decisions.

So let’s take a closer look now:

Investment Ideas

If, for example, you select the Investment Ideas option from the menu, this pulls up a clear overview of all the tools on TipRanks that offer fresh stock ideas. From Analysts’ Top Stocks to TipRanks’ powerful Stock Screener, you can now quickly pinpoint the most relevant tools for your investing strategy.

Step-by-step guide

For each TipRanks’ tool we include this step-by-step guide. This page sets out all the various features of each tool- including any you might have missed. For example, did you know that on the Analysts’ Top Stocks page you can adjust your stock selections based on an analyst’s performance? That’s right, you can filter experts based on their performance across four different investment time spans and against different benchmarks.

Continue the journey

Each page includes the following- a helpful link to similar tools based on your current interest. Here for example we are on the Analysts’ Top Stocks page, so if you scroll down you can see that the page recommends other tools for new investing ideas like the Trending Stocks tool and Hot Insider Stocks.

Ask away!

We want to talk to you! If you scroll down to the end of any Education Center page, the following box appears… If you have any questions on any of the TipRanks’ tools, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

Why TipRanks?

The other section of the Education Center gives you the full low-down on TipRanks itself. Here you can find recent media coverage of TipRanks (from CNBC to The New York Times), read recent reviews from our customers, or learn about the benefits of going premium.

How to find the Education Center

Want to return to the Education Center? Easy- scroll down to the end of the TipRanks homepage or any Stock page for the link under the ‘How to Use TipRanks’ heading. However we are going to be adding more links throughout our site in due course, so keep an eye out.

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