The Top 10%: TipRanks Releases New Crowd Insights Feature

TipRanks’ has released a groundbreaking new crowd insights feature to its award-winning Smart Portfolio platform.

Traditionally TipRanks enabled investors to compare their portfolio to the performance of over 50,000 TipRanks’ portfolios.

Now we are proud to introduce you to our latest feature: the best-performing crowd insights tool. Forget the crowd; it’s time to follow the elite investors!

Compare your own portfolio to the top 10% of  TipRanks portfolios that generate the highest return for the lowest risk.

Yes that’s right, with the addition of one simple button to this page you can:

-screen out investors who underperform the market; and

-gain investing insights from investors who consistently outperform your performance.

See how your portfolio measures up to the best-performing portfolios by understanding how these portfolios allocate assets, where the highest dividend yield can be found, and which holdings are the most effective at reducing risk.

We even give you the breakdown of stock holdings in the best-portfolios by sector so you can select the sector most relevant to your stocks. If we select the healthcare option, for example, we can immediately see that these are the 3 healthcare stocks most likely to be found in the top portfolios:

How does your portfolio compare in asset allocation and stock allocation? Is your portfolio more risky than the best-performing portfolios? Is your dividend yield higher or lower?

Find out all this and more on the Crowd Insights page.

See how your portfolio shapes up now.

The Crowd Insights page is just one of a suite of tools available on TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio platform.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the investing experience. Another recent addition, the new Smart Portfolio stock screener, is already a winner. The screener has the unique ability to filter stocks by analyst consensus rating and market sentiment. Check it out here.