Track Your Investment Portfolio on the Go with the TipRanks App

How can you ensure you never miss out on an analyst recommendation or stock update? The TipRanks App brings you the best stock research and investment tools straight to your mobile phone or tablet.

With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation, TipRanks users are increasingly using our App to manage their investment portfolios, conduct stock research, and get new investment ideas. It’s currently available on iOS.

Here’s how it works.

Manage Your Portfolio

Portfolio Overview

Track your investments wherever you are. The first tab on the App enables you to easily open a portfolio and gives you an overview of your existing portfolio holdings. The basic overview (on the left) shows you price and price change. The detailed overview (on the right) also includes the number of your shares and total gain.  

Click on the stock name to see all TipRanks data about that stock.

Scroll down to see more details, including your overall balance, daily gainers and losers, company allocation, and news about your stocks – bullish, bearish and all stories.

Portfolio Performance

The next tab gives you an overview of your overall portfolio performance, including how your portfolio compares to over 100,000 TipRanks investors and your star ranking, with 5 stars being the investors with the best success rates and average returns.

See your stock picking performance, including success rate and average return per investment, measured over a 3-month period (on the left). Swipe left to see your portfolio gain and Sharpe Ratio (on the right).

Scroll down to see your portfolio’s measured performance compared to the S&P 500, the average TipRanks portfolio, and the portfolios of the best performers.  

You also see your portfolio risk and how it compares to other TipRanks users’ portfolios. As well as your dividend yield and amount, and your best trade in this portfolio.

Scroll down to see your dividends and best trade to date.

What else the TipRanks App offers

Managing your portfolio is only part of the TipRanks App. It also gives you access to live market updates, advanced stock research, and our most popular tools for finding investment ideas.

The TipRanks App is currently available for iOS in the App Store (and it’s free!). It will soon be released for Android.

Download the TipRanks App Now>>

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